Our Vision

To be the world’s premier research driven, technology enabled outsourcing capability partner achieving sustainable results for our customers, in turn building fulfilling careers for our people and earning a fair return on the value we deliver

Our Mission

Is to bring together like minded people, businesses, public bodies and the communities around the world, empower them to learn, share and partner with each other

Our Culture

Is based on five values – capability, creativity, credibility, connections and confidence. We call our values “multipliers” the combination of 5Cs that enables us to grow and serve as a powerful integrated business

About Us

At Baachu, we design & implement simple, sustainable & data-driven outsourcing solutions every day. We specialise in outsourcing growth – strategy, business development and business winning methods virtually in all frontline services – Justice, Healthcare, Waste, Education, Transport, Work & Pensions, Social Care, Defence, Aerospace, Utilities, Facilities Management, IT and BPO sectors. We have delivered 100+ research and analysis projects to our clients in the past 18 months.

Our frameworks encompasses full BD lifecycle and is relevant for functions include – sales, strategy, marketing, CRM, proposal development and related BD specialism.

In 2016-17, we will be positioning our clients to secure £4.5Billion of outsourcing projects. Our growth frameworks are designed to enable businesses to retain and grow through all stages of enterprise growth.

As a ‘values driven’ business we are working towards our goal of educating 1 million children by 2040.

Why Baachu?

Our ‘business in the box’ solution is designed to support our clients and their team members at every level of their growth journey. We have over 20 touch points for our clients around growth consulting, bespoke research, digital subscription products and end to end bid support.

Market entry / expansion/ Assessment

Opportunity analysis

Operational review & benchmarking

Competitive Intelligence

Merger & Acquisition support

Design & restructuring of BD function

Pipeline generation, review and updation

Partner identification & assessment

Develop, review and amend governance process and reporting

Capture management (win strategy)

Bid management & Solutions

Estimating and financial modeling

Transition and mobilisation support

Message from CEO


Every day, public and private services are outsourced around the world. Our goal when we created Baachu 2 years ago, was to increase successful procurements and relationships.

We have grown to be UKs leading outsourcing solution provider. We will in the coming years provide technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help businesses that provide products, services and digital content in the outsourcing industry, to engage with their users, customers and community.

So looking forward to supporting your needs.


Baskar Sundaram

Growth & Transformation


“Are you an ambitious leader of a large business or a business owner looking to take the company to the next level? How do you develop
more detailed perspective on trends, future growth rates, and market structures? At Baachu we follow a defined approach to track
the entire growth journey of our clients.”


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“Our experience suggests that;
real transformation happens only when the
leadership tackles all the factors that create value for an organization. So how
does an organization
change the way it operates?”

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News & Blog

712, 2016

More than £500 bn in UK’s infrastructure pipeline – HM Treasury

By | December 7th, 2016|Categories: Baachu-In|0 Comments

HM Treasury announced that the UK’s infrastructure pipeline has more than £500bn in planned public and private investment. With over 700 projects and programmes with a total value of more than £500 billion, it is [...]

2210, 2016

It’s time to take control of your bidding career – Bid Buddy is here!

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Let’s ask ourselves some simple questions: Do you remember the passion and drive you had on your first day at work? Do you still feel the same enthusiasm at work? Or do you feel that [...]

2210, 2016

How to be a successful bid professional? Begin your journey of discovery.

By | October 22nd, 2016|Categories: Baachu-In|0 Comments

Most bid managers looking back at their performance, see it as a mixed bag of lucky wins and unlucky losses. In reality though, successful bid wins are rarely happy accidents – they are often a [...]

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