The importance of a mentor in an entrepreneurship journey cannot be stressed enough. Even the very organised and motivated often cannot see the wood for the trees in this challenging and often arduous journey.

To have an experienced and accomplished person with a genuine interest in your pursuit as a sounding board can be invaluable.

Often people think that getting a bit of advice as and when needed is enough. While several entrepreneurs and experienced professionals can be helpful and willing to answer a few questions and offer some advice, it is not the same as having a mentor who is solidly committed to you and your vision of the company.

How to find the right mentor?  Do not be shy to ask around. Go through your set of contacts, networks and the general business community. Check out incubators, accelerators and universities near you who are keen to share their knowledge with businesses. Approach those who you think have something valuable to offer you and your company. Tell them why you specifically chose them and how valuable their time is to you.

When should you get a mentor? Yesterday! Find a mentor, as early as you can.  Wherever you are in your business, you can always benefit from a mentor. There is always scope for improvement. A mentor will be the fresh voice and sounding board that your business can benefit from. Having someone outside your business who is interested and committed is a great way of getting the perspective of an end consumer. Working intensely on something, you can begin to lose touch with the thoughts and expectations of the end user who will be using the product.

Baachu specialises in mentoring entrepreneurs and businesses around the world. Baskar, an award winning UK entrepreneur and repeat speaker at APMP UK & USA with nearly two decades of experience has launched his specially tailored programmes – “Big Ticket Generator”* for entrepreneurs and “Sell You First”** for employees.

* “Big Ticket Generator” for entrepreneurs was successfully launched at “Best You Expo 2017”.

** “Sell you first” seminar won the best speech at the association of proposal management conference in Uk 2017 and rated too 3 at the APMP conference 2017 USA.