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Stanford breakthrough uses stem cells to create possible cancer vaccine

An impressive new study from researchers at Stanford University has found that mice injected with inactivated induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) display significant immune system responses to a variety of cancers. If the study can be replicated in humans this research could pave the way for a groundbreaking personalized cancer treatment that essentially vaccinates patients [...]

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Kepler scientists discover almost 100 new exoplanets

Based on data from NASA's K2 mission, an international team of scientists has confirmed nearly 100 new exoplanets. This brings the total number of new exoplanets found with the K2 mission up to almost 300. "We started out analyzing 275 candidates, of which 149 were validated as real exoplanets. In turn, 95 of these planets [...]

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100% Renewable Electricity Worldwide Is A New Cost-Effective Reality

Renewable energy is increasingly a success story in emerging and developing markets. Last year, they were leading in green energy investments. China will have added around 54 gigawatts (GW) of solar PV capacity in 2017  —  three times more than any other country has ever done, which tops China’s total amount to 120 GW of [...]

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For the First Time Ever, Scientists Boosted Human Memory With a Brain Implant

A professor built a brain implant that can reportedly improve short-term memory by 15 percent and working memory by 25 percent. The device could prove life-changing for the growing segment of the population impacted by Alzheimer's and dementia. With everyone from Elon Musk to MIT to the U.S. Department of Defense researching brain implants, it [...]

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Within 24 months SpaceX could begin providing gigabit internet to the USA

SpaceX won an endorsement on Wednesday from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai to build a broadband network using satellites. SpaceX told the FCC in a Feb. 1 letter that it plans to launch a pair of experimental satellites on one of its Falcon 9 rockets. That launch, already approved by the FCC, is [...]

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First diagnostic blood test for concussion passed by the FDA

The first diagnostic blood test to evaluate the severity of a concussion has been approved for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The blood test can accurately and quickly identify patients with brain tissue damage, or intracranial lesions, following a head injury without the need for an expensive and time-consuming CT scan. [...]

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Clean energy is growing the economy and driving down emissions

The economic expansion since 2009 is historic not just for its duration, but for the role that America’s energy sector has played in creating jobs and reducing carbon emissions. Over the past 12 months this trend has solidified and brought our domestic energy sector to its cleanest place in history. While the energy jobs of [...]

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Alzheimer’s disease reversed in mice, offering hope for humans, new research shows

"Remarkable" -- that’s how researchers are describing the results of a new study done on mice displaying traits associated with Alzheimer's disease. The deletion of just a single enzyme saw the near total reversal of the deposition of amyloid plaques found in brains of those with Alzheimer's, improving cognitive functions in the mouse subjects, according [...]

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Brexit: EU ‘removes transition punishment clause’

EU diplomats have removed a so-called "punishment clause" from a draft text of the arrangement for the Brexit transition period, the BBC understands. A footnote published by the European Commission last week suggested that the UK would lose access to elements of the European single market if it broke EU rules during the transition period. [...]

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MIT has a new chip to make AI faster and more efficient on smartphones

Just one day after MIT revealed that some of its researchers had created a super low-power chip to handle encryption, the institute is back with a neural network chip that reduces power consumption by 95 percent. This feature makes them ideal for battery-powered gadgets like mobile phones and tablets to take advantage of more complex [...]

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