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With Strategic Zaps to the Brain, Scientists Boost Memory

Stimulating part of the cortex as needed during learning tasks improves later recall. The finding reveals more about the brain's memory network and points toward possible therapies. For the past two decades, neuroscientists have been treating movement and neurological disorders with deep brain stimulation, a technique in which electrodes planted in specific regions of the [...]

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SpaceX Plans To Launch Satellite For Low-Cost Internet: Report

SpaceX is targeting February 17 for the test launch of its first satellite for global internet constellation, a project, informally known as Starlink, which aims to provide low-cost internet access on a global scale, the media reported. The prototype spacecraft, known as Microsat 2a and 2b, are reportedly to be included as secondary payloads on [...]

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Elderly on Medical Cannabis Stop or Reduce Opioid Use

Medical research is constantly revealing cannabis’s potential to improve lives, in people from all walks of life. The latest bit of proof, published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, has concluded that elderly patients who treat their symptoms of pain, cancer and other conditions with medical cannabis completely stop or use fewer opioids. After [...]

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Criminals hide ‘billions’ in crypto-cash – Europol

Three to four billion pounds of criminal money in Europe is being laundered through cryptocurrencies, according to Europol. The agency's director Rob Wainwright told the BBC's Panorama that regulators and industry leaders need to work together to tackle the problem. The warning comes after Bitcoin's value fell by half from record highs in December. UK [...]

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Australia’s solar power boom could almost double capacity in a year, analysts say

A record-breaking month of rooftop installations and a flood of large-scale solar farms could almost double Australia’s solar power capacity in a single year, industry analysts say. A massive solar energy boom is being predicted for 2018, after an unprecedented number of industrial solar farms were approved by the New South Wales and Queensland governments [...]

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Did the NHS avert disaster this winter?

Cast your mind back to the first week of the year and it looked like the NHS was heading for Armageddon. Ambulances were queuing outside A&E units unable to handover their patients, trolleys were stacking up in corridors and there was hardly a bed free anywhere. Just five weeks on and it looks as if [...]

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The Trump administration is reportedly moving to privatize the International Space Station

The Trump administration is planning to privatize the international space station instead of simply decommissioning the orbiting international experiment in 2024, according to a report in The Washington Post. According to a document obtained by the Post, the current administration is mulling handing the International Space Station off to private industry instead of de-orbiting it [...]

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Brexit: Ministers to unveil what EU relationship they want for UK

Theresa May will deliver a major speech within the next three weeks outlining the future relationship Britain wants to have with the EU. Before that, senior ministers are also due to give speeches in a campaign dubbed "the road to Brexit" by No 10. Security, the devolution of powers, workers' rights and trade are to [...]

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Chance discovery reveals eyes could shine light on stroke severity

Gadolinium, a contrast agent used to improve MRI imaging, has been shining a light on brain diseases and damage for years, but now scientists from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) believe it could reveal even more. With the chance discovery of the transparent chemical leaking into and then lighting up in the eyes of [...]

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Safe to human far ultraviolet C light bands can revolutionise public health by curbing airborne disease like flu

Continuous low doses of far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) light can kill airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues, according to a new study at the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). The findings suggest that use of overhead far-UVC light in hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, airports, airplanes, and other public [...]

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