First diagnostic blood test for concussion passed by the FDA

The first diagnostic blood test to evaluate the severity of a concussion has been approved for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The blood test can accurately and quickly identify patients with brain tissue damage, or intracranial lesions, following a head injury without the need for an expensive and time-consuming CT scan. [...]

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Cheap and capable drones and missiles means foreign interventions will no longer all be low-risk

The US and its allies may never actually face China in a shooting war, but sophisticated Chinese drones, missiles and weapons systems are proliferating. The perception that you will enter a low-risk environment when intervening overseas, now needs to be questioned. China has a growing role as a source of sophisticated weaponry. Western air forces [...]

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SpaceX Heavy is game changer for defense and NASA

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy can reach all of the Department of Defense’s nine reference orbits and its costs one quarter the Delta IV Heavy. A former Pentagon official now advising SpaceX said that the Falcon Heavy may be compelling to the Defense Department given both its payload capacity and its low price. “It’s really a [...]

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BAE simulate weight of 121,000 double decker buses on new Modular Bridging System

BAE say they successfully demonstrated the safety and performance of their new Modular Bridging System. The company say they done this by simulating over 22,000 crossings of the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank, the equivalent weight of 121,000 double decker buses. The results support BAE Systems bid to provide a new bridge system for the [...]

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Russian decline in world power will accelerate over the 2020s

Even though Russia has population of 144 million and has the legacy of the Soviet nuclear program and military technology. However a country with GDP comparable to that of Australia cannot afford to be a superpower, fight a protracted war in Syria, fight in the Ukraine and develop its own stealth fighter and other equipment [...]

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