Kepler scientists discover almost 100 new exoplanets

Based on data from NASA's K2 mission, an international team of scientists has confirmed nearly 100 new exoplanets. This brings the total number of new exoplanets found with the K2 mission up to almost 300. "We started out analyzing 275 candidates, of which 149 were validated as real exoplanets. In turn, 95 of these planets [...]

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Within 24 months SpaceX could begin providing gigabit internet to the USA

SpaceX won an endorsement on Wednesday from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai to build a broadband network using satellites. SpaceX told the FCC in a Feb. 1 letter that it plans to launch a pair of experimental satellites on one of its Falcon 9 rockets. That launch, already approved by the FCC, is [...]

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SpaceX Plans To Launch Satellite For Low-Cost Internet: Report

SpaceX is targeting February 17 for the test launch of its first satellite for global internet constellation, a project, informally known as Starlink, which aims to provide low-cost internet access on a global scale, the media reported. The prototype spacecraft, known as Microsat 2a and 2b, are reportedly to be included as secondary payloads on [...]

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The Trump administration is reportedly moving to privatize the International Space Station

The Trump administration is planning to privatize the international space station instead of simply decommissioning the orbiting international experiment in 2024, according to a report in The Washington Post. According to a document obtained by the Post, the current administration is mulling handing the International Space Station off to private industry instead of de-orbiting it [...]

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ESA’s Exomars has completed its aerobraking maneuvers to bring it into a circular 400 km orbit around mars

In March of 2016, the European Space Agency (ESA) launched the ExoMars (Exobiology on Mars) mission into space. A joint project between the ESA and Roscosmos, this two-part mission consisted of the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) and the Schiaparelli lander, both of which arrived in orbit around Mars in October of 2016. While Schiaparelli crashed [...]

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Elon Musk says SpaceX to focus on Big Falcon Rocket following the successful Falcon Heavy launch

The Falcon Heavy Launch was a success; 2 of the 3 boosters were landed successfully, whilst the main core booster crashed into the ocean. SpaceX will now turn their attention to their next development project, a much larger reusable rocket "Big Falcon Rocket". It is intended that this launch System will be able to deliver [...]

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SpaceX Heavy is game changer for defense and NASA

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy can reach all of the Department of Defense’s nine reference orbits and its costs one quarter the Delta IV Heavy. A former Pentagon official now advising SpaceX said that the Falcon Heavy may be compelling to the Defense Department given both its payload capacity and its low price. “It’s really a [...]

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SpaceX will try a triple booster landing with Falcon Heavy launch

SpaceX’s historic first Falcon Heavy flight will be immediately followed by a historic first landing attempt, too: The commercial space company headed by Elon Musk confirmed over the weekend that the test launch will also include an attempt to recover the three booster cores used by the rocket to propel it to orbit (via The [...]

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A successful SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch gives NASA new options

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket will launch for the first time next week. It might be the company’s most anticipated mission yet, and it could open up a new line of business — one that might interest NASA. The new rocket will be the most powerful in the world, which means it could launch heavier and [...]

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Major (positive) ramifications for US space industry if Falcon Heavy Launch goes according to plan

As the head of the recently established National Space Council, Vice President Mike Pence is the most important person in the United States when it comes to determining space policy. In this role, Pence oversees the development of US military, civil, and commercial space efforts. The Trump administration has come into office at a time [...]

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